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Why is it so hard not to judge others?

I thought we were getting better. As a society where we pride ourselves on learning new ways to communicate and be better listeners, we are still failing. Let me explain. Everyday, there is at least one headline; whether it be on social media, the news or at your...

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People can’t change- HOGWASH!

I was talking with a fellow coach the other day, and she said "I work from the presumption that people can't change, and you should work with their strengths rather than try to change them". You can probably guess what my response was. No, it wasn’t...

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Fix the behavior, change the person

The other day one of my coaching clients complained to me about his personality profile that was interfering with his ability to connect with his clients. “My DiSC says I’m a D/C,” he said. “But I need to be more ‘I’, so I can connect better with more of my clients....

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