AccuMatch Pro training – 3 days

Become an advanced user of AccuMatch with ability to handle most situations. Executive and leadership doaching. Organizational change management. Conflict resolution and interraction in the boardroom. Effective team dymics. And much more. A professional observer competent at reading and communicating with people to achieve significant transformation whether at an individual level or with a group.


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Event Details

Date TBA

• Completed L1 certification
• Delivered at least 50 profiles

Who is this for;
• Business Coaches, Life coaches, or Executive and Leadership coaches
• HR Managers.
• Owners, Manager or Leaders.

What you will learn;
• Engaging people to effect change
• Interpreting team reports
• Observing and navigating conflict
• Executive, team and boardroom dynamics
• Explaining and guiding thought processes for individuals or groups
• Listening for language structure
• Ability to identify some traits without seeing a AM60 report
• How it applies in Sales and Marketing
• Language of Influence
• Behavior, Personality and Intention

Key benefits;
• Ability to observe and respond to behaviors rather than reacting to them.
• Matching your style of communication to influence success with others
• Ability to facilitate change in some of the most difficult engagements.
• Ability to shift the engagement levels and motivation within large organizations.


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