AccuMatch Training – 1 day

Nagui Bihelek Founder and CEO
7710 5th Street Southeast, Calgary, AB, Canada   View map
403-455 1577

$2,495.00 $1,495.00

Learn how to read AccuMatch AM60 reports and apply it to specific roles, tasks, and communication. Working with people you interract and respond to their observed behavior. Observed behavior includes Words, Tonality and Body language. How you interract with them will get you the response you deserve. How they respond, in most cases, is an automatic unconscious response. AccuMatch gives the tools to anticipate that in advance, so you can communicate to achieve the desired response.


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9:00 Welcome

9:30 Start - Background

10:00 Task traits

10:45 Coffee break

11:00 Task traits continued

12:30 Lunch

1:00 Samples

1:30 Process traits

2:15 Coffee break

2:30 Samples

3:00 Motivators

3:30 Finish up

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Who is this for:
• Business Coaches, Life coaches, or Executive and Leadership coaches
• HR Managers.
• Recruiters.
• Owners, Manager or Leaders.

What you will learn;
• To read your own AccuMatch AM60 profile
• To assess any AM60 profile
• To interpret behaviors and associate these to roles and tasks
• What to expect from an individual in specific situations
• What is an automatic response and why is that important
• How behavior is separate from personality
• Correlation and combination analysis of traits
• Three areas – Tasks, Processing and Motivation
• Who and how to sell it
• Access system resources and collateral

Key benefits;
• Matching people to specific roles and cultures.
• Observing and quickly identifying behaviors rather than reacting to the person

210, 7710 5th Street SE
Calgary. Alberta.
T2H 2L9

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