What is Behavior?

Behaviors are triggered responses.
Imagine being able to catalog these.

Behavior catalog

Detailed information about how people
process information and approach tasks.

The right team

Getting the right person in the right job
is no longer left to intuition or gut…

Language of influence

Get BETTER results with your team,
By using language that motivates and influences.

Accelerate your understanding of how people process and decide appropriate behavior responses.

Accelerate your understanding of how people process and decide appropriate behavior responses.

“TNPBR is about understanding Thoughts and Behaviors”

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What is AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence?

An AccuMatch BRMap reveals traits that accurately predict how an individual will interact with others, how they will respond in certain situations and environments, and how they would approach challenges and opportunities.

AccuMatch reveals automatic unconscious responses to tasks, innate approaches to processing information, and key motivators. Understanding these enables you to anticipate what a person is likely to do in a given situation, how they process and receive information, and how that affects their motivation.

Becoming aware of these behaviors allows you to observe them intelligently without the knee-jerk automatic responses that would normally show up in response to those observations.

How it works

The AccuMatchBI training provides an in-depth look at each of the 49 traits that the BRMap graphs. By learning what each of these mean, how they show up in response to triggers that each of us responds to, and how to interact with a person that exhibits these behavior traits, with practice each of us can become Intelligent about these Behaviors we observe in others. Whether these are Behaviors we see, hear or feel, each will trigger a response in us that is in most cases automatic.


Each specific role in an organization has its own set of tasks that a person is required to do. A benchmark (the grey area on the graph) represents data collected and graphed to show the ideal match for a particular role. Read more

Team dynamics

By graphing 2 or more behavior profiles against each other, you can quickly and easily see how these individuals will interact with each other, and what behavioral considerations they will need to make or adjust in order to be effective together. Read more


You want to help someone improve their business, life or success at work? Here’s how we can help you:

  • Teach you how to read behavioral patterns
  • Help you use these to connect with your clients more successfully
  • Increase your ability to work with a broader client base
  • Grow your coaching business to capacity
  • Enhance your reputation through client results. Read more


A lot of recruiters take pride in their gut feeling. They swear by it, dismissing scientific research. Are you one of them or will you trust science? We offer:

  • Insight into the way behaviors define personalities
  • Spot the behaviors that make a candidate right for the job
  • Match the best candidate to the right job and client
  • Improve retention rates
  • Boost your own work success Read more

HR Managers and Change Agents

Today’s workforce is made up of multiple generations that all need to be motivated. The task is challenging but we can help. Here’s how:

  • Forget labeling people as this or that personality
  • Catalog and Map the behaviors instead
  • Develop better communicators and leaders
  • Improve the performance of the team and organization culture
  • Bring about real change
  • Reduce attrition costs and increase employee engagement. Read more


Have you ever encountered a staff member that you just could not understand, yet they seemed great at what they do? Here is how AccuMatch can help you improve mutual understanding:

  • Learn to understand and map behaviors
  • Gain insight into each team member’s motivation
  • Benchmark desirable behaviors
  • Engage better with team members
  • Boost the team’s success.  Read more

General principles

When you observe someone and try to describe them with a word, you’re describing a personality. Trying to change that is impossible because:

  • Personalities are just labels
  • They are interpreted subjectively and can be misinterpreted
  • Behaviors are much more specific: misinterpretation is harder
  • Behaviors can be changed
  • By changing behaviors we can change the person

If you want to change yourself or other people, behavior is the place to start.Read more


Developing the skills needed to read the behaviors mapped by AccuMatch in order to be able to change them requires training. We offer:

  • Personal Accumatch Assessment — Get your own behavioral profile
  • One-Day Training and Certification (Silver)– Learn the basics of identifying behaviors and matching a person to the tasks associated with a role
  • Professional Certification (Gold) — Learn to engage and motivate others effectively
  • Master Certification (Master) — Become an AccuMatch trainer, go to the next level of successRead more

“The difficulty with coaching and the reason people don’t do what their coach is helping them to realize that they should do, is usually “frankly” because of what is going between their ears. Most coaches are not equipped to analyze and discover what is holding them back. AccuMatch maps this for you so that you can get that insight quickly, and get them on the path to execution. There is truly nothing like it.”

Lawry Scandar

Master Coach, Trainer and Psychologist, Osiris Group

“This is a must for coaching. I won’t coach anyone unless they’ve done an AccuMatch map. It shortcuts the discovery process and let’s get straight to the HOW to get changes quickly. It is the accelerator. ”

Bruce Wilson

Master Coach & Hall of Famer, ActionCOACH Business Coaching

“This has completely changed how I coach. In one instance; after being acquired by a larger organization and dealt a target double what they were achieving before, I was able to leverage AccuMatch map to identify the areas that needed attention, and in their first month they hit their new target for the first time ever. AccuMatch has changed my life and everyone who comes in touch with it.”

Nagui Bihelek

Founder of AccuMatch, NLP Profiles Inc, AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence

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