Behavior Intelligence

Laser focus your Coaching and Leadership through understanding the neural-pathways, habits and patterns that show up as behavior.

Removing the veil of mystery by mapping unconscious neural behavior responses.

What is AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence?

Every time you interact with someone you do so through behavior. We have no way of interacting with people through thoughts. You can’t read their minds. So we interact by observing, listening and maybe touching. All these modalities fall under the banner of Observed Behavior. Even inactivity and silence are observed behaviors.

How good are you at Observing Behavior in others? Do you observe it and understand it, or do you just do what everyone else does, REACT? That’s all most people know how to do.

How you respond depends on your Intelligence about Behavior. Your knowledge about the behavior you observe in others, and the knowledge about your own behavioral responses.

During the AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence training, you learn to identify specific behaviors you observe. We help you by cataloging these through our AccuMatchBI assessment tool, and we train you to become a better coach, leader, executive, or even just a better spouse or partner.

Behavior is the only form of communication, and Behavior Intelligence is the difference between successful interaction vs agitated aggression, and frustration.

How it works

When you observe others and evaluate what you observe against your own set of rules. Your Values and Beliefs or your WHY. You are observing a behavior and intuitively evaluating it as Good or Bad. Appropriate or Inappropriate. Skillful or Reckless. And so on.

AccuMatch Behavior Response Map (BRMap) is the scientific approach. It takes the automatic responses we call behaviors, or more accurately – observed behaviors, and maps these for us. Giving us empirical data that we can use. Taking away any judgment about the data. Every behavior has a context that it is perfectly suited to.


Each specific role in an organization has its own set of tasks that a person is required to do. A benchmark (the grey area on the graph) represents data collected and graphed to show the ideal match for a particular role. Read more

Team dynamics

By graphing 2 or more behavior profiles against each other, you can quickly and easily see how these individuals will interact with each other, and what behavioral considerations they will need to make or adjust in order to be effective together. Read more

By mapping the neural patterns of our brains that have manifested themselves as automatic unconscious responses to specific triggers, we can remove our need to evaluate and judge based on our own set of rules. The map enables us to gain clarity and remove our biases. AccuMatchBI helps depersonalize behavior from the intention.

No other system does this. No other training is going to not only educate you about the observed behaviors we catalog through AccuMatch BRMap, but will also educate in how to apply these in your coaching, leadership, or any other walks-of-life. The map is the beginning. It is the path to enlightenment about behavior. AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence training gives you the map and the how to wield it effectively. It will accelerate your results with others.

AccuMatchBI training is an ongoing education program that starts with the map, and spends a great deal of time to present situations and scenarios so that you gain more than just the knowledge about the different behaviors. You learn about how these show up in combinations, and how to coach and lead people that are different from you. Everyone is different. Do you want to know how to read them, and work with them – to engage them, motivate, and help them be the best they can be?

Add AccuMatchBI certification to your other tools, and you’ll accelerate your success.

“The difficulty with coaching and the reason people don’t do what their coach is helping them to realize that they should do, is usually “frankly” because of what is going between their ears. Most coaches are not equipped to analyze and discover what is holding them back. AccuMatch maps this for you so that you can get that insight quickly, and get them on the path to execution. There is truly nothing like it.”

Lawry Scandar

Master Coach, Trainer and Psychologist, Osiris Group

“This is a must for coaching. I won’t coach anyone unless they’ve done an AccuMatch map. It shortcuts the discovery process and let’s get straight to the HOW to get changes quickly. It is the accelerator. ”

Bruce Wilson

Master Coach & Hall of Famer, ActionCOACH Business Coaching

Here is what I can share with you of my own experience: “This has completely changed how I coach. In one instance; after being acquired by a larger organization and dealt a target double what they were achieving before, I was able to leverage AccuMatch map to identify the areas that needed attention, and in their first month they hit their new target for the first time ever. AccuMatch has changed my life and everyone who comes in touch with it.”

Nagui Bihelek

Founder of AccuMatch, NLP Profiles Inc, AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence

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